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Chocolate & Fudge

Mrs. Tilly's Belgian Chocolate Festive Fudge 200 grams

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+ + + + Mrs. Tilly's Belgian Chocolate Fudge is made with the finest of ingredients by master fudge makers. Imported from Scotland. more info

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Fudge (Milk Chocolate) 8 oz

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Includes one 8 ounce box of delicious nut free Milk Chocolate Fudge 100% nut-free, made in 100% dedicated nut-free facility, Kosher certified Our... more info

Uncle Butchs Creamy Chocolate Fudge One Half Pound

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Uncle Butchs One Pound of Dark Chocolate Fudge

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Made with Cream n Country Fresh butter Fresh Cream we add no preservatives, we however warn of cooking with nuts and caution you and all customers of... more info

Valley Fudge Peanut Butter Chocolate, Half Pound Package

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FREE SHIPPING on two or more 1/2 pound packages! Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge shares the stage with the all-time favorite, Chocolate Fudge! We partner... more info

Uncle Butchs Walnut Chocolate Fudge One Pound

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we add no preservatives we add no preservatives more info

Made in USA 1 lb Artisan Creamy Mint Chocolate Fudge Cups (Pack of 4)

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What’s better than a piece of soft, gooey fudge? What if your soft fudge cup was topped with flavored frosting, resulting in what can only be... more info

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